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October 24, 2008 - One Response

Hey all its Nelly from (Samie37)… Anyway I am very mad with Jacob for not updating lol.  Ok so today on Club Penguin (24th of October) there is the 3rd year party on Club Penguin. The partys awesome and a quick reminder the Halloween party will start next Friday (29th of October). My new site Miley Girl has got 16,000 hits in 2 months so ill love it if you could visit it. Oh and below there is a pic of what my new site layout looks like so visit it:



August 29, 2008 - 5 Responses

Hi Guys I am Jacobs friend Nelly (Shanelle) (samie37) I spoke to Jacob about 3 or 4 months ago well i was in May also on the phone and said “When are you going to update your website?” and he said “I will ok I will.” Now from that day he told me he didn’t so I will give you the latest update on Club Penguin for the first time in a long time! There has been the Penguin Games on… but you should know that you can no get these items any more but I apologise but I’m guessing that you have already got the items…. Oh yes and please go to my site its called Miley Mania when you go to my site please comment!

The event display should automatically open when you have finished all 3 events. When it does, select Claim Prize.

Yay! You now have the Gold Medal!

The Red Face Paint free item is located at the Coffee Shop.

The Blue Face Paint is located at the Pizza Parlor.

– Nelly (Penguin name: samie37)

and really sorry that Jacob have been really lazy, to lazy to not update. Lazy him……

I’m back! Sorry ’bout the put off!

May 8, 2008 - 15 Responses

Sorry that I was gone for so long.

I was busy trying to fix a glitch on my computer that prevented me from getting coins and items.

And I’ve fixed it! I’m back on CP and I’m ROLLING!!!

Anyway, heres what happened while i was gone

  • Rockhopper returned and gave away red and black shirts
  • Pirate party came and went  along with a sailor hat free item\
  • New play: Quest for the golden puffle; was launched
  • Ninjas were released (JUST KIDDING 😛 !)
  • New wigs are out. The Firestriker and the Side-tied too. (There is a secret wig, The Spikette, click on the Spikester to get it)

Yeah, so the glitch stopped me getting the red and black shirt and the sailor hat.

However, after the glitch was fixed, the shirt was mysteryously placed in my inventory o.O .

But unfortunately, I missed out on the sailor hat completely 😦 .

By the way, The major update continues. Now theres a new Header! *Points to top of screen* .

Anyway, Waddle on!

-Hyper Jacob


May 8, 2008 - Leave a Response

disco penguin is going to be deleted! do not go there forevermore (in case you didnt know, forevermore means no more)

A LOT of stuff!!!

April 23, 2008 - One Response

Sorry that I haven’t posted in a while.

And my major update to Hyper Penguin Central has begun!

I have added a “Whos amung us” visitor counter that tells how many people are on my site at the

present moment (Including you).

Anyway, recently my site has been spammed by someone by

the name of “Poptop Girl”. There have been many impesonation

and swearing comments by this penguin.

Another part of the update is that now you must be logged into

your WordPress account to comment. If you have any

questions on how to create a WordPress account, contact me at .

I am also thinking of adding another page or two and MAYBE changing the theme.

Anyway, lets change the subject to Club penguin now.

The Clock on the Snow Forts is broken!!

It now randomly changes time every minisecond and displays

random messages on the Day Panel.

Theres an ‘Out of order’ sign over the description…

And poor Freddy has gone mad!!!

Plus there is a new mission: ‘Clock Repairs’.

You must complete ‘Questions for a crab’ before you can begin though.

Plus, the Pirate party begins soon! Heres a sneak peek

Ok, so maybe its not a sneak peak,

but an enlarged version of a photo stuck in the newspaper…

So what?

Oh, and lately Items have been dissapearing and appearing randomly…

A few penguins have reported gaining a Beta hat, ninja suit, or even Dark black!!!

But for me, I lost my purple color and had to waste 20 coins getting it back.

Anyway, Waddle On!

-Hyper Jacob




April fools party

March 29, 2008 - Leave a Response

I’m sorry I was gone a while.

Well anyway, the april fool party

has begun, and in my opinion, is the best party EVER!

You can find the swirly glasses at the cove.

Here is what they look like on a penguin


The Red propelor hat is at the ski villiage.


And the pin… The illusive crayon pin… AAAAAANNYWAY heres how to get it:

Solve the dot to dot puzzle on the mine shack. No need to click,

just move your mouse over the dots in order.


Solve the dot to dot puzzle and…


The crayon pin appears! Nows your chance to grab it!

Here is what the crayon pin looks like on your card,

along with the other two free items:


Here are some other pics from the party:


The town. Notice how each building has its own art style?


The iceberg. Look at that! A bowl of ice!


The forest is upside down! ANTI GRAV!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The drawing of the dojo returns! And you can still nub on the top :mrgreen: !

Did you know: that you can play a new fusion game called Thinicetrobarrier

in the dance lounge?

 Another Did you know: That if you played at a certain

time yesterday you could play as a puffle? I missed out though 😦 …

I’m also thinking of doing a major update to the site soon. Anyway, waddle on!

-Hyper Jacob

P.S. If you go on the test servers today or tomorrow,

you can play as a puffle!



March 23, 2008 - 4 Responses

WarningWarning! i will not be posting for a while! by friends!P.S. click here


March 19, 2008 - One Response

Hi its Samie37,

 I spent a while on this pic of me!


and heres some other pic ok that are from the underwater party!


These funny pics are from the christmas party!



Thank you hope you like them!


March 14, 2008 - Leave a Response

Aloha its Samie37!

Here are all of the hidden coinz in the book – My Puffles

Hope you like it cause I spent heaps of time on this oh and can you please comment on

my website go to the link

Bye bye!

Click and drag the door handle left


Click on the handle on the blower-upper thingy



Click and drag the boat up


Click and drag the sky down


Click and drag the sky down again



Click and drag the pail up


Click and drag the lighthouse up


Click and drag the sky down


Click and drag the sky down again



Click and drag the firefighter’z helmet up


Click and drag the rock near the right of the page up


Click and drag the sky down


Click and drag the sky down again



Click and drag the girl’s hair up


Click and drag the stairs up


Click and drag the sky down


Click and drag the sky down again


Club Penguin Improvement Project and New Wigs!!!

March 7, 2008 - 2 Responses

when i looked at it at 5:05 it had 3:14:44. time left. oh yeah to get there go to: that should get you there. once there you go to the eye scann 3000 and click. wait. it will let you in. in WHUUUUUUUUURRRRRRNE days time, there will be a club penguin improvement project.

p.s. i make mistake on purporse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1!


And don’t forget the new wigs! They are the Surf knot and the Cleo.